Aero Components began its existence as a machine shop, and our machinists are some of the best in the industry. Creativity and decades of experience enables Aero Components to produce complex parts and tooling for every major USAF airframe in service today.

Aero Components machines all material types and alloys, from nylon and composites to hard metals such as titanium and Inconel.

Equipment List

  • Haas VS-3 VMC 50” x 150” x 50” (40-Taper)
  • YCM FX380A 5-axis VMC
  • YCM TV2110B VMC 90” x 40” (50-Taper)
  • YCM TV158B VMC 66” x 33”
  • YCM NXV560A VMC 22” x 16”
  • Complete tooling available for all machines
  • MasterCAM and SolidWorks